How to improve the climate for learning to avoid drop-out rate in schools ?

Following the “school’s action plan” of July 2017, climate for learning emerged as one of the priorities of the pedagogical team. A team of teachers have volunteered to focus on primarily the prevention of school drop outs.

The setting up of the Erasmus + project seems to be an efficient way to find solutions to this issue.

The objectives of the project are as follows:

– Generate Innovative and simple solutions which can be adapted and transferred within all the European partner countries in order to improve the pedagogical strategies of teachers

– Evaluate implemented actions, innovations and experimentation inside the school

– Initiate “transnational research action” by mutualising the actions of each partner

– Ensuring that teachers, well-being staff and other staff responsible for students’ needs are informed of the measures taken in order to improve practice and the support of students who find themselves in drop out situations

– To instil a calm and positive environment for students to ensure an improvement in the climate for learning for all students across the school.

Our partners are involving Portugal, Norway and Germany (jobshadowing missions) and teachers have attended seminaries in Sicily and Finland.